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Handling confidential executive search which requires a high degree of discretion

Need for a resource due to business expansion or to fill a vacancy Replacing Non-performers (who have outlived their value)
Existing gaps in the succession plan of your organization Positions which are critical to business continuity & therefore require a pipeline of identified talent
Organizations where HR is a strategic player in the organization. Politically charged environment in the organization which requires a high degree of dexterity
Misalignment with new management, especially in the case of an M&A
Our Differentiators
  1. We are partners in your business; not merely vendors
  2. We build relationships; not revenues
  3. We understand your business; not only your brief
  4. We specialize and operate across multiple industry verticals; not only one
  5. We know the in and out of the business
PharmaLeap’s Internal Process
Our Differentiated Hiring Process